Intelligent process automation

Business process excellence through insights, automation and digitalization

We are an agency specialized in developing intelligent automation solutions including robotic process automation, integration services, artificial intelligence and low-code applications and ensuring their efficient adoption across organizations.

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Our Services

End-to-end process automation services

Successful adoption of intelligent process automation is more than just tools and technology and we offer services for development of intelligent automation solutions, but also process analysis and process design as well as organizational adoption and roll-out of automation practices.

Business services

Discovery, adoption and organisation

Successful automation programs rest on a structured approach to discovery of automation opportunities and ensuring the efficient adoption of new automation technologies and ways of working.

We help your business understand the art of the possible and to get a clear picture of your current processes and identify potential process improvements.

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Development services

Design, development and testing

We provide cross functional automation teams that take complex business processes and design, develop, test and deploy their automated twin.

To enable automation of less complex process within your organization we also provide automation clinics that give your business users starting on their citizen developer journey access to highly skilled automation developers that can coach and assist them to automate their first tasks or tackle the more challening tasks.

infrastructure services

Installation, upgrade, migration and optimization

To customers with existng or planned installations of UiPath, Appian or Druid we can help ensuring that your platforms are setup correctly and efficiently.

We also assist customers experiencing performance issues or need help with upgrading their infrastructure or migrating to between on-premise and cloud based installations.

To give you full control we also help setup tools and procedures ensuring proper governance and compliance.

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outsourcing services

Infrastructure, operations and support

We offer a complete automation platform built on best of breed enterprise platforms which we make available to you as a managed service.

For a fixed monthly capacity based fee you can focus on identifying new automation opportunities and expanding your automation coverage while we take care of the ground work keeping your current automation in shape and fully operational.

The platform services allow you to start small and scale up or down as needed based on you automation needs.

Our way of working

What sets us apart from others?

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We only work with process automation, this allows us to build highly specialized skills and gain valuable experience that we bring with us to every new customer, project and business process we engage in.

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Agile delivery

We have a firm belief in the value of rapidly delivering value to our customers and work in short iterations where we continuously involve the business users in the progress and resulting automation solutions.

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Cross functional teams

We believe in the power of cooperation and collaboration and we work with cross functional teams that have a proven track record of working together and have the ability to hit the ground running and start creating value from day one.

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Continuous improvement

We constantly seek improve our way of working and formalize and share this among our teams ensuring that our customers can rest assured that regardless of team or team members, they will get persistent quality and deliverables when working with us.