Intelligent Process Automation

We are a consultancy firm focused on developing intelligent process automation solutions for our customers and ensuring that their automation initiatives receive wide spread adoption through out their organizations. We offer both consultant services, primarily as team based deliveries, as well as managed automation platform services.


It's all about teams!

We were founded in 2018 with a clear purpose. We wanted to provide a different type of consulting services and company to work at. In todays complex IT landscape and high rate of change, relying on individual's skills and experience alone is not enough, instead we need to harness the collective intelligence of teams.

With a firm foot in agile principles and theories on group dynamics we strive towards creating an organization based on trust, honesty and a mutual interest to evolve as a collective.

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A number of symboles representing technogloy: script editor, clouds, brain, io, screen with elements.

We love it!

Although technology alone is never the answer, we can't help it, but we love it and encourage each other to explore and push forward towards the new and unknown.


Learn from the past!

We constantly seek improve our way of working and formalize and share this among our teams ensuring that our customers can rest assured that regardless of team or team members, they will get persistent quality and deliverables when working with us.

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Our Values

Empathy, freedom and responsibility

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We try our best to be honest at all times, even when it's difficult, Through honesty we build trust.

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We give feedback to each other, both regarding the good and the bad. Through feedback we learn and improve. We accept feedback from others willingly and openly.

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Take initiative

We take initiative and don't wait for others to point the way, but always with consideration to each other and possible consequences.

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Work-life balance

We accept that our personal and work life are intertwined and from time to time focus shifts between the two. We support each other and take responsibility for the team.

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We encourage each other to share our views, experiences and knowledge and eagerly do the same.

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Help each other

We take care of each other and reach out a helping hand when one is needed.